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Mini-Trip: Harrison Hot Springs

fullsizerender-70I seem to be getting itchy feet. I think it’s because I know the weather will be changing soon and I will indoors with a new little one quite a bit. The thought of going on a big journey with a newborn doesn’t appeal to me, but the idea of looking forward to a mini-trip this fall is something I can get excited about. Last year, Joe, Frankie, and I went for one night to Harrison Hot Springs Resort. Even though it was just for the night, it felt like a refreshing holiday. I’m thinking this will probably be our first trip away together as a family of four. I figure we’ll keep it pretty low key again this time, and fill a few days by hanging out in the hotel a lot and wandering into the adorable town of Harrison.fullsizerender-69A few things we found easy and relaxing with a little one in tow…

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3 Peaceful Spots in Vancouver


Sometimes life can feel very hectic, especially when living in a more urban setting. That’s why I often find myself drawn to more peaceful spots around the city. I always like to have a mindful moment or two in a day, whether alone or with my son. I thought I’d share a few great spots that I always find bring me a sense of calm…

Le Marche St George is one of my happy places. It can be very busy though, so often I walk up the hill beside it and sit on the old church bench that leans against the cafe property’s fence. If you peak through the slats, you can sometimes see a chicken or two kept by the owners. A chicken sighting is one of Frankie and I’s favourite things.


I often forget that Queen Elizabeth Park exists because it’s tucked away on its very own hilltop. Even though it’s bordered by busy streets and is beside the hustle and bustle of Hillcrest Community Centre, I always find it to be an oasis of calm. You can take in the most beautiful sunset views of the city, and, when I have Frankie with me, I sit by the fountains and let him run around and be mesmerized by the water show, while I take in a moment’s peace.


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Wreck Beach


Even though I grew up in North Vancouver, the first time I ever heard of Wreck Beach and its clothing-optional policy was when I began attending UBC. I still remember my first-year pilgrimage down there. The large stretch of naturist beach on the shores of the university felt, at the time, like the ultimate metaphor for the extreme freedom and liberalism one so often feels in young adulthood and early university life.

Wreck is one of the most beautiful beaches Vancouver has to offer. It is well worth trekking up and down the flights of stairs to get there and back so long as you are comfortable with some people’s choice to be nude or are choosing to be nude yourself. I respect the naturist philosophy that many people choose to follow. My life choice, thus far, has been to remain as clothed and covered as my bathing suit or bikini dictates while enjoying any beach (apparently this means I am a “textile” in some circles).

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J and I just returned from our first bike trip with Frankie. We traveled from our house in Vancouver to Vancouver Island via bike, bus, and ferry. We stayed off busy roads, taking our bikes on the bus for any busy sections and enjoyed cruising along the Galloping Goose Trail to get to Sooke (our destination on the Island). We used a Weeride bike seat for Frankie that was given to us by a neighbour and we loved it.

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Italian Day


This past weekend we went to Italian Day on Commercial Drive. Our little guy celebrated his heritage while rocking his dad’s shirt from the ’82 World Cup. We had a delicious, simple lunch of Italian sausages smothered with onions, ketchup, and mustard. Francesco enjoyed his first dip at a waterpark (I can’t even believe he’s old enough to do this already!) We passed by Prado – my favourite coffee shop on the drive. I will definitely have to ride my bike down there soon.



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Portland: Attempt One

Before I visit a new place I often get travel ideas/get giddy by talking to people I know who have already visited my destination. I become obsessed with reading online city guides and scrolling through bloggers’ trip summaries. I get a sense of things to do, “it” places to go, and ways to wander off the beaten path. Sometimes, this preparation pans out really well. Other times, the intoxication of overly positive nostalgia and gorgeously curated guides set me up for unrealistic expectations. I must admit, I definitely have a tendency of building up most things up in my mind, not just trips. Things can end up going more or less how I imagined, but, more often than not, life and all its unfiltered and unexpected glory leads to the hilarious, imperfect, and therefore memorable. Such was the case with my first “vacation” since having Frankie.
My husband, son, sister, soon-to-be-brother-in-law, baby niece, and I all made the trek to the “City of Roses” with the naive intention of a picture perfect weekend (or at least my naive intention). Things quickly shifted. It rained the entire time we were there. (Coming from Vancouver, rain is something we can generally handle, but it can sometimes be tough to take when on holiday). For some reason, despite Portland being a bike and transit friendly place, we walked EVERYWHERE, with babies in strollers. What were we thinking?! We stayed in a classic Airbnb that was Gatsby themed, came equipped with a fish tank overlooking the master bed, and a Jesus statue overlooking the hot tub (apparently the building was formerly a church?)
We sort of saw the sights: I managed to take a photo of Voodoo donuts, but we didn’t actually manage to eat Voodoo donuts. We wandered through one of the Powell’s Books, but didn’t manage to take a tour of the famous flagship store. Oddly enough, one of the biggest highlights of the trip was my husband taking a picture of my sister and I that we both agree is ugliest photo we have ever seen of either one of us (she hasn’t given the go-ahead to share that pic). It warms my heart whenever I look at that photo because it reminds me of how fun and funny a travel fiasco can be.
We have agreed there will definitely be a second attempt. Our hope is to do/see some of the following places:
And if we go in September, it’d be incredible to see this:
Any other suggestions?