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A few fun links to peruse this first weekend of December…December?! How’d that happen?

I’d love to tour these underwater art installations.

Such a pretty DIY Advent Calendar.

Ways to use the stress of the holidays to make your relationship stronger.

Would you eat dinner in the sky?

Beautiful ways to display art at home.

I definitely need a cat-tongue detangling brush (as soon as they’ve created it).

There was a National Pie Day and I missed it.

A simple design quiz to figure out your interior design personality. According to this, I’m “urban industrial”, but secretly I think I’m “transitional”.

This will make you think twice about parental shaming and fears.

A one-pot dinner that looks delicious and simple to make.

Some more fun reads here, here and here.

Happy Weekending!


Le Marche, St. George

A few fun links …

A great picture of a mom just getting it done.

Wish I could have a cocktail served by this guy.

An ode to Facebook mum groups.

Avocado toast. Yes please.

The real colour of a dinosaur.

Very happy to hear that binge watching can be good for relationships.

I’m quite fond of the idea of healthy chocolate bars.

Looks like I’ll be hiking in jeans the next time I go for a walk near rattle-snakes. Which could quite possibly be never.

Happy Weekend!



Mix-Tape of Weekend Reads


A few fun reads for the weekend…

Would you get an engagement ring finger tattoo? Apparently, they’re all the rage.

Hillary Clinton on acting natural and appearing cold.

This review makes me want to read Amy Schumer’s book even more.

I never grow tired of taking one of the quick personality tests (I’m always E/INFP).

This sweet potato hash looks delicious for breakfast this weekend.

Reasons Arianna Huffington left The Huffington Post.

A green argument for bar soap.

The Prime Minister of England is leaving, but his cat is staying.

I’d love these shoes in my life.


Happy Weekending!


Mix-Tape of Weekend Reads

FullSizeRender (27)

Some reads for the long weekend…

Loved reading about co-living and the idea of making neighbourhoods within buildings themselves.

Like a lot of people I’ve been obsessed with Stranger Things, so that means I was totally interested in seeing Eleven with long hair

Speaking of Netflix, here’s all that’s coming soon.

I’m contemplating making some yarn art and pink shibori cushions (with all that spare time I’m going to have with a newborn).

Mmm, Bento Box snacks. Such a great idea.

I’m guilty of always letting my phone’s battery die completely. Apparently, it should never go below 50%!

These homes with green grass roofs are magical.

Some healthy habits and tips to keep in mind.

This short documentary about gender is on my watch list.

The rain is setting in and I’d love this to keep me covered.

Happy Weekend!


5 Things To Do Before Summer’s End

FullSizeRender (25)

Summer usually flies by, but this year I feel it going by even faster than usual. I think this is because of my quickly approaching due date. Here are a few things I want to make sure I get a chance to do before the rains of the fall and excitement and storms of the newborn stage begin.

  1. Go for ice cream and a warm evening stroll. I’m partial to Earnest.
  2. Visit a fair. Like most years, I plan to make it to the PNE.
  3. Take a loooong midday nap.
  4. Dine al fresco and try making a watermelon salad.
  5. Take a trip to the beach and collect some driftwood so that I can make this on a future indoor day.





Mix Tape of Weekend Reads


Happy weekend! Here are a few fun things:

One day I want to do this hike.

Another great Airbnb story.

According to the oldest woman the keys to longevity are raw eggs and singledom.

Good old Heimlich.

I want to recreate this Big Sur trip.

This is crazy.

I absolutely do not need another plaid shirt, let alone an expensive one, but this one is just so soft.

Post-partum pledges I’m going to keep in mind.


(photo taken at Back Eddy Resort & Marina, how adorable is that cabin?)


Mix-Tape of Weekend Reads


A few things to peruse this weekend…

Apparently I’m going to need to invest about $750 to make the perfect cup of coffee.

Speaking of coffee

Riveting photos of the week.

Vintage Sophia Loren and other movie stars at the Cannes Film Festival.

These look delicious.

Networking without awkwardness? But, awkward is my middle name.

I love this one-piece. Would be a bit of an investment with the price…

Parenting thoughts from Ryan Reynolds.

Happy Weekending!