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Thrifty Halloween Decorating

Halloween Mantel

Halloween and thrift-store shopping are two of my favourite things. So, this year, I was excited to decorate my mantel for Halloween with the help of Value Village.

While shopping I found a variety of housewares that I thought would add a spooky feel including a candleholder, dessert stand, vintage books, and old glass bottles.

Halloween Mantel

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Baby Number Two’s Nursery

Surfer Nursery

The Calm Before the Storm

For me, preparing for our next baby has been both exciting and calming. I’ve followed a predictable course in my preparations: pack a hospital bag, gather supplies, and put together a nursery. All of this organizing has been a soothing preamble to the chaos I know is coming in the form of a tiny human.

Arranging the nursery has been my favourite part of preparations so far. Here’s a little bit about how it turned out, if you’d like to see…

Surfer Photograph

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Mix-Tape of Weekend Reads

FullSizeRender (27)

Some reads for the long weekend…

Loved reading about co-living and the idea of making neighbourhoods within buildings themselves.

Like a lot of people I’ve been obsessed with Stranger Things, so that means I was totally interested in seeing Eleven with long hair

Speaking of Netflix, here’s all that’s coming soon.

I’m contemplating making some yarn art and pink shibori cushions (with all that spare time I’m going to have with a newborn).

Mmm, Bento Box snacks. Such a great idea.

I’m guilty of always letting my phone’s battery die completely. Apparently, it should never go below 50%!

These homes with green grass roofs are magical.

Some healthy habits and tips to keep in mind.

This short documentary about gender is on my watch list.

The rain is setting in and I’d love this to keep me covered.

Happy Weekend!




(getting glammed up at MAC before the Vancouver Mom event, the whole night was such a treat)

What a week it’s been. Amidst the usual chaos, I was incredibly excited to attend the Top 30 Blogger Celebration at Roundhouse Radio. It was a great celebration and it felt so nice to be involved in a gathering of women who enjoy sharing their stories and talents through the blogosphere; a place that still feels incredibly new to me. It was very surreal to be included among the VM Top 30 list this year and I plan to share a post about the experience soon. This weekend, I hope to take it easy while also working on some writing I’ve had on the go for a while. This will likely take place in between the many random Craigslist wheelings and dealings that I seem to have involved myself in while getting things together for the new nursery. I wasn’t totally convinced before, but I now officially believe nesting is a real phenomenon.

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Nursery Inspiration


Baby Blue Nursery

Looks as though full nesting mode has begun! I’ve been thinking non-stop about organizing and collecting things for the baby. Of course, none of this has really turned into anything overly productive other than intense internet searches.

I’m hoping through a mix of Craigslist, Facebook swap n’ shop groups, and some new purchases I can cobble together a natural and fun nursery for my little one. I still have a few months to go, so I plan on gathering slowly and steadily. I also want to purge many of the things I saved after having Frankie. As this is my second go at things, I’ve got a better idea of what new babies actually need (i.e. milk, diapers, wipes, cream, carrier, mom, onesies, and muslin cloths). Goodbye wipe warmer and pee-pee teepees!

Inspiration Above:

Cuddly Cloud PillowMediterranean Dreams Canvas PrintDresserNursing ChairCribGiraffeWooden Rainbow BlocksSheepskin




(pattern on the new sheets in our spare room…won’t be spare for long!)

This weekend, I’m off to visit my parents with a bestie who is also pregnant. I’m viewing it as a mini-babymoon for us. It looks as though the rain is coming, which works out well lounging in pajamas and drinking cups of tea.

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6 Fun Etsy Finds

Etsy is one of my favourite places to browse while on the Internets. I love looking at what people have made and designed and always manage to find unique things that I think are both useful and beautiful and/or would make great gifts. Here are a few of my favourite recent finds:



1. I feel like my bed would feel even more inviting with this vintage Hmong pillow.


2. This banana palm bag is so fun and would be perfect to throw what little makeup I own into.


3. These ombre washable paper storage bins would be so sweet in a nursery.


4. I like having a cup in the bathroom and these adorable whale mugs are perfect for that. (Type A Type B readers can follow the link here to get a 20% discount!)


5. I’m very, very excited about being able to have a little drink soon, so I’m eyeing this mermaid bottle opener as something I obviously need.


6. This decal adds a little nature on technology.