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Making Room


The documentary Minimalism (watched it) has been trending on Netflix and The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up (skimmed it) has become a phenomenon. It appears a few of us have worked ourselves up to a fever pitch of enthusiasm regarding living more simply, having less, and ensuring what we surround ourselves with is useful, beautiful, and/or both.

Being stressed out by stuff is not new to me. I’m kind of terrible at organizing things like closets and drawers. I laugh at my inability to properly deal with socks and think George Carlin mocked me directly when he said, “That’s the whole meaning of life, isn’t it? Trying to find a place for your stuff.” Adding two new little humans to my life has made my struggle with stuff even more apparent.

In all seriousness, I have been feeling overwhelmed by the barrage of things I have acquired in my life, including my very long hair that’s constantly in knots. This has me interested in being a tad more of a minimalist (if that statement even makes sense).

Is my interest in minimalism partnered with privilege? Yes, absolutely. I am lucky enough to not only have everything I need, but also many of the things I want. The tendency for those interested in this trend to also have the luxury of choice is at the crux of fair criticisms of the minimalist “movement” (read some of these criticisms here and here).

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Mix-Tape of Weekend Reads


A few fun reads for the weekend…

Would you get an engagement ring finger tattoo? Apparently, they’re all the rage.

Hillary Clinton on acting natural and appearing cold.

This review makes me want to read Amy Schumer’s book even more.

I never grow tired of taking one of the quick personality tests (I’m always E/INFP).

This sweet potato hash looks delicious for breakfast this weekend.

Reasons Arianna Huffington left The Huffington Post.

A green argument for bar soap.

The Prime Minister of England is leaving, but his cat is staying.

I’d love these shoes in my life.


Happy Weekending!


Preloved Fall Fashion



I’m pretty excited that I’ll be making my way out of maternity clothes soon. It will take some time for me to make it back into regular clothes, but it’s nice that it will be fall and most of what I wear around this time of year tends to be cozy and loose.

This season, I’m planning on treating myself to some new-to-me clothes from Front and Company and The Main Exchange. Both of these stores offer beautiful consignment clothes that are much easier on the wallet and planet than buying firsthand (it’s also rather handy that they are basically next-door to each other on Main Street in Vancouver). Another place I’m excited to shop is the online store My Modern Closet, which allows you to click though and purchase a great selection of consignment clothes.

What are some of your favourite places to buy preloved fashion in Vancouver and online?

Mix-Tape of Weekend Reads

FullSizeRender (27)

Some reads for the long weekend…

Loved reading about co-living and the idea of making neighbourhoods within buildings themselves.

Like a lot of people I’ve been obsessed with Stranger Things, so that means I was totally interested in seeing Eleven with long hair

Speaking of Netflix, here’s all that’s coming soon.

I’m contemplating making some yarn art and pink shibori cushions (with all that spare time I’m going to have with a newborn).

Mmm, Bento Box snacks. Such a great idea.

I’m guilty of always letting my phone’s battery die completely. Apparently, it should never go below 50%!

These homes with green grass roofs are magical.

Some healthy habits and tips to keep in mind.

This short documentary about gender is on my watch list.

The rain is setting in and I’d love this to keep me covered.

Happy Weekend!


Legging Love


Northern Light leggings from Teeki.

Recently I’ve been eyeing leggings and have been wanting to get a pair that are not just your basic black. Maybe I’m being drawn to them because of my big baby belly and the fact that I could wear them during and after pregnancy. A favourite look I’ve been seeing around my fair yoga city, is a loud legging print with a long t-shirt or long sleeved shirt. That’s a comfy look I think I could manage pretty much every day.

Here are some of my favourite legging prints (all from some ethically minded companies)…

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22 Weeks


I can’t believe it, but I’m already past the halfway mark of this pregnancy. I have felt very similar to how I felt while pregnant with Frankie, so I’m still convinced I’m having a boy. Not sure yet if I’ll find out…

I began showing so much earlier this time around, which has meant that my head has had to catch up with my body. Sometimes I still can’t even believe baby number two is on its way. I was trying to be organized and take some weekly bumpies using the Babycentre App (which I love), but somehow Frankie deleted the app off my phone. Sibling rivalry already?!

Here a few thoughts on how things have been going so far…

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5 Spring Bags

Pretty soon I will be lugging around a huge diaper bag equipped for a newborn. This gives me a short window of time to enjoy wearing a purse on occasion. Here are five beauties I’ve been eyeing that are spring-y, light, and easy to wear. They are all chosen from brands I admire for their dedication to ethics and sustainability.

new spring crossbody bags

Images and bags found here: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

Which one is your favourite?