Netflix Recommendations


It dawned on me that despite enjoying the beautiful summer weather, having a toddler to chase around, and taking many pregnancy naps, I have managed to fit in a large amount of Netflix time over the past few months (with Joe by my side). I often hope that we are not the only ones who have been sucked into the world of extreme streaming and that it’s many couples’ dirty little secret. We like to refer to Netflix as the glue that holds our relationship together (along with watching The Bachelor, of course).

In case you aren’t as extreme as us and need a few recommendations …

Stranger Things

A whole heck of a lot people made their way through this show over the summer and for good reason. It has all the factors needed to suck you in: eighties nostalgia, the return of Winona Ryder, and a Goonies’ type mystery.


This show has a slow, Shakespearean burn. It’s hard not to get wrapped up into watching a seemingly perfect family’s hidden dysfunction and darkness. You leave it feeling like your family isn’t really all that messed up in comparison. I found this a welcome change. I wish I could have savoured each episode of this show with a glass of wine because it has a sophisticated feel. Oh well, next season when I’m not pregnant…

Freaks and Geeks

I first watched this Judd Apatow show as an awkward, freaky and geeky adolescent. I was pretty devastated when it was cancelled after only one season. I remember saying to myself, “of course the only show that truly understands me is getting cancelled.” Such a classic woe is me teenage reaction. As an adult I could easily watch this series each year. It’s great for having a good laugh and reminiscing about the bitter sweet moments of highschool life.


This show has an incredibly large amount of violence that I had to turn away from. If you can get past this (which some people cannot) then it is easy to become engrossed into the terrifying story of Pablo Escobar. It is both captivating and unbelievable. Since starting this show I’ve spent many nights researching drug trafficking on Wikipedia. I’d say anyone who made their way through this series is now a cartel expert and considers themselves a good candidate for recruitment into the DEA. Or, maybe that’s just me?


What are you watching? Any recommendations? And, by the way, what’s the glue that holds your relationship together?

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