Mini-Trip: Harrison Hot Springs

fullsizerender-70I seem to be getting itchy feet. I think it’s because I know the weather will be changing soon and I will indoors with a new little one quite a bit. The thought of going on a big journey with a newborn doesn’t appeal to me, but the idea of looking forward to a mini-trip this fall is something I can get excited about. Last year, Joe, Frankie, and I went for one night to Harrison Hot Springs Resort. Even though it was just for the night, it felt like a refreshing holiday. I’m thinking this will probably be our first trip away together as a family of four. I figure we’ll keep it pretty low key again this time, and fill a few days by hanging out in the hotel a lot and wandering into the adorable town of Harrison.fullsizerender-69A few things we found easy and relaxing with a little one in tow…

  • Visiting the lovely warm mineral pools in the hotel. We went swimming at least 3 times in two short days. It was worth packing more than one swimsuit so we had dry ones available to wear.
  • Strolling to the outdoor hot springs and along the lakefront each day.
  • Complimentary tea and cookies by the fire in the lobby.
  • Family siestas in the hotel room.
  • Early dinner, dancing, and music in The Copper Room

** I always ask in advance for early check-in and late check-out and this is fantastic to do when you are with kiddies.

Dinner and dancing at the Copper Room … going early may mean the dance floor is a tad quiet.



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