Baby Number Two’s Nursery

Surfer Nursery

The Calm Before the Storm

For me, preparing for our next baby has been both exciting and calming. I’ve followed a predictable course in my preparations: pack a hospital bag, gather supplies, and put together a nursery. All of this organizing has been a soothing preamble to the chaos I know is coming in the form of a tiny human.

Arranging the nursery has been my favourite part of preparations so far. Here’s a little bit about how it turned out, if you’d like to see…

Surfer Photograph


I was most excited about choosing the art that we hung above the crib. It is a favourite photograph we took on a hike along the Juan De Fuca Trail. I got the picture blown up by Vistaprint and it actually cost less than I thought it would (just under $33 to have it printed and posted to us). I was worried about anything heavy being hung above the crib, so it is printed on poster paper and simply hammered it into the wall on each corner with very small nails. The beautiful blues in the photo inspired the tranquil, natural feel for the rest of the room.

Ikea Nursery Jennylund Chair

A Mix of Preloved & New

Wherever possible, I tried to find things secondhand from the thrift-store, Craigslist, and Spocket (a new online marketplace app). The sheepskin rug, pouf, crib (IKEA), dresser (IKEA), and chair (IKEA, free!) are all preloved.

Not only is trying to buy used less wasteful, but I also finds it tends to be a bit thrilling and hilarious. I always feel excited when I manage to get a great second-hand deal and orchestrating deals and pickups with strangers (safely) never seems to follow the same perfect trajectory that buying firsthand from a store usually does.

Vintage Books Nursery


I love having a mix of old and new books. To me, there’s nothing more interesting to look at than a child’s bookshelf because they are always so colourful and cheery.

Book Ledges: Ikea

Peekaroo Peanut Changer

Ferm Living The Round Dorm

Passing Things Down & The Generosity of Others

As this is baby number two we already had so many items we could use again, like our changer and most of our soft toys. I’ve been so touched by how incredibly generous people have been both times we’ve had a baby on the way. We’ve had so many things passed down to us and have been given so many beautiful gifts for each of our babies. Each time someone has given us something they have wished us well as we embark on the adventure of parenthood and I look forward to passing along many of the things we’ve bought and been given.

Patrick the Pelican: Boomers & Echoes, Mirror: Target, similar here, Changer: Keekaro


Blocks: Grimm’s


This Ferm Living shelf was a bit of a splurge, even though I found it on Craigslist. An interior designer was selling it for a fraction of the price (but still pricey!) as she had purchased it for a nursery that she was designing. She said it didn’t quite fit the space she was designing and I was so happy to take it off her hands!

Ferm Living

Pelican Mobile

Cozy, Cozy

I chose a soft sheepskin rug (Spocket) for the nursery floor and it is already being enjoyed by this baby’s big brother. Having something cozy and soft for little ones to play on is so handy and I’m  excited to see my two boys rolling around on this playing together.

Surfer Nursery

Now for the hard part…raising a new little munchkin. I can’t wait!

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