A Vancouver Bachelorette

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This past summer, I hosted my sister’s bachelorette with her best friend. There was lots to do and it was great organizing the big day alongside someone. After a few calls and many texts, the day’s plans were decided: start at my house for snacks, bubbles, and games; load ourselves into a party bus and head to the Deighton Cup; before dinner, and finally dancing at the classic Roxy Nightclub.


After planning this epic day, I realized there were four key parts that helped make the day go smoothly…

1. Fun Food & Drink

We kept things simple with cheese and fruit platters, sparkling wine and champagne, and some chocolate dipped bananas that gave a little wink wink, nudge nudge.

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2. Decor & Colour Scheme

Pink, gold, and white were our colours for the day. They made things fun, festive, and a bit glam. Pinterest was my friend for thinking of decorating ideas.

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3. Personalized Games & Gifts

My husband drew a life-size poster of the groom for an invented game of “pin-the-chest-hair”. The groom’s hairy chest has been a longstanding joke and it made things hilarious and personal. Each guest received a favour bag with a few essentials for the day like gum, bandaids, a glowstick, and some candy.

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4. Day’s Events, Transportation, & Something Matchy-Matchy for the Ladies

It was really fun getting fancy for the horse races. Everyone wore a black dress with a matching fascinator that I bought from Amazon. My sister, the bride, wore all white with an over-the-top fascinator (also purchased on Amazon). Matching altogether ensured my sister stood out and it was a great way to show our support and excitement for her.


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We had such a great day and the best part was having quality time with some fabulous ladies to celebrate my amazing sister.

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