Pregnancy Update


I’m now 28 and a bit weeks along and starting to feel pretty darn pregnant. After wanting to keep this little one’s sex a surprise, I found out at the ultrasound…again. I saw his “bits” on the screen and just knew that my feeling this baby was another boy was correct. Joe tried to convince me that I’m no technician, but I told him I definitely knew what I saw, so we had our midwife confirm it. I’m pretty excited (and a tad nervous) about having two little brothers running around. I loved having sisters, so it’s neat I will be able to see how a brotherly relationship works.

A few thoughts on how things have been going so far:


Well…everything? Really I just have an appetite for a diverse range of good and less good things, like apples, chocolate, and Cheetos. I’ve been realizing I’m not really hungry all the time, but just really feel like eating. After I have this bundle, I think my cravings will turn into full blown ravenous hunger because breastfeeding requires so much energy.


I still feel quite calm and I’ve been working to make a game plan for when the baby arrives. After suffering from post-partum anxiety after having Frankie, I decided to be proactive about putting plans in place regarding sleep, feeding, and emotional supports. I hope this will help me transition into motherhood times two.


One of the best things that’s happened in the past few weeks is that I feel like I now look noticeably and inarguably pregnant. That has meant that people seem to feel “safe”asking me when I’m due and sharing their excitement. Frankie has a general understanding of the fact that there’s a baby in mummy’s tummy (we haven’t been using accurate terminology just yet, uterus is hard for a toddler to say). He’s been wanting to kiss the baby, hug the baby, and hold the baby. When he wraps his arms around my tummy it makes my heart melt.


Dresses, dresses, dresses. Like the one above from Old Navy (similar here) that my friend loaned me. The stretchier the better is my clothing philosophy right now.


Through the magic of Craigslist and Spocket (something new to me) I have gathered about 80% of what I need for the nursery and I hope to share some pictures soon. The next thing I want to accomplish is sorting through all of of Frankie’s teeny tiny newborn clothes.

T minus 12 weeks. Things are getting real and I can’t wait!

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