(getting glammed up at MAC before the Vancouver Mom event, the whole night was such a treat)

What a week it’s been. Amidst the usual chaos, I was incredibly excited to attend the Top 30 Blogger Celebration at Roundhouse Radio. It was a great celebration and it felt so nice to be involved in a gathering of women who enjoy sharing their stories and talents through the blogosphere; a place that still feels incredibly new to me. It was very surreal to be included among the VM Top 30 list this year and I plan to share a post about the experience soon. This weekend, I hope to take it easy while also working on some writing I’ve had on the go for a while. This will likely take place in between the many random Craigslist wheelings and dealings that I seem to have involved myself in while getting things together for the new nursery. I wasn’t totally convinced before, but I now officially believe nesting is a real phenomenon.


(yummy fortunes)


(beautiful daisies in the sunshine)


(a delicious dessert)


(bubbles in the rain)

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