Father’s Day Ideas

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Father’s Day has almost arrived and I’m still sorting out what I’d like to plan for Joe. As I’ve written before, here and here, I like to plan three components to special days like these so they centre around giving that special someone time for themselves, time with family, and a gesture or keepsake.


A couple things I’m considering for Joe:

Or, want to buy him a book? You could just get it out of the library for him! I was going to buy Joe this book because he’s a World War II buff, but decided, to get it on loan for him instead.


Frankie has become quite the artiste. So I plan on letting him get wild with his paints so he can make something unique for his Daddy-o that can be framed. Kids’ art is always the best.

Though not homemade, I can’t resist the kitschy delightfulness of a mug with a little munchkin’s face printed on it. London Drugs makes these quickly and for a reasonable price (I ordered mine today and it’s ready this afternoon!).

Time for Self:

As a parent, and especially as a new-ish parent, time for yourself is hard to come by. When I asked Joe what he’d like to do with some spare time this year he opted (again) to do some music and gardening.

Time with Family:

This year it’s a toss-up between heading to Car-Free Day or Father’s Day fishing at Rice Lake. Both will be better with nice weather, but if it’s stormy, Car-Free Day will be closer and have lots of places for us to pop in and out of. Outside time always feels like the easiest way to connect with the ones you love.

Happy Father’s Day to all you wonderful Dads!

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