Nursery Inspiration


Baby Blue Nursery

Looks as though full nesting mode has begun! I’ve been thinking non-stop about organizing and collecting things for the baby. Of course, none of this has really turned into anything overly productive other than intense internet searches.

I’m hoping through a mix of Craigslist, Facebook swap n’ shop groups, and some new purchases I can cobble together a natural and fun nursery for my little one. I still have a few months to go, so I plan on gathering slowly and steadily. I also want to purge many of the things I saved after having Frankie. As this is my second go at things, I’ve got a better idea of what new babies actually need (i.e. milk, diapers, wipes, cream, carrier, mom, onesies, and muslin cloths). Goodbye wipe warmer and pee-pee teepees!

Inspiration Above:

Cuddly Cloud PillowMediterranean Dreams Canvas PrintDresserNursing ChairCribGiraffeWooden Rainbow BlocksSheepskin


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