Date Night in an Hour?!


Joe and I recently went out for a date night. We had forgotten to call the restaurant a few days in advance, so we wound up with the very responsible reservation time of 6:15 at one of our favourite spots, Les Faux Bourgeois. It didn’t disappoint and we had a great evening, but one thing shocked us both: we were home within about an hour. One hour!

My parents were here to look after Frankie, so it wasn’t that we were stressed about making it back. We didn’t even rush through dinner. It was just that we were ready to head back home once we’d finished up. A few reasons may have contributed to our early arrival home; it was a weeknight, we had been at work all day, I can’t drink right now… The other major factor, which surprised us both, was that we felt like we didn’t need as much time as we thought we would to recharge and to feel really connected to one another. When we got the bill, we just both agreed that we wanted to tuck our little guy into bed (again, maybe this was because we’d both been away from him all day).

In any event, our super fast date night made us realize that, yes, it’s important to make room for couple time. But, no, that doesn’t mean our couple time needs to be elaborate or take immense childcare planning. An hour here or there can help us accomplish quality time with one another.

Another sweet thing I think we realized was that we are in the midst of such a special time as a couple while we raise our young family. Thinking about this made me feel okay that we felt ready to come home so soon. Our son won’t always be here waiting for us and we are soaking it all in during this phase of our lives.

Has this happened to anyone else? Are parents just super efficient date night machines?


2 thoughts on “Date Night in an Hour?!

  1. Big Life Tara

    I LOVE this! There is hope for making Date Night be simple and not so complicated it just gets tossed. And it sounds like doing it often makes it a quick-reconnect process! YAY!



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