This is a bit of an inane post, but I just want to know if anyone else has had a lifelong problem dealing with socks.

Today, as I tried to do laundry, I stared down at a pile of odd socks. Odd socks have become an inevitable part of my day to day living and I think I’ve reached my limit. I don’t have a few odd ones here and there, I have a huge wicker basket full of odd them. For some reason, I only manage to pair up socks while in a mad dash on my way out. And, sometimes, most times, I settle for a close enough pair of two reasonably similar socks. If I know I’m going somewhere that I’m going to have to take my shoes off, then I will put in the extra effort to find a real match. This takes a long time and is often the reason I am a few minutes late for matching-sock type events. No joke.

Where do I go from here? Do I have a huge sock bonfire and start again? Or, do I spend two days straight trying to pair them all together? If I do that, will I just wind up back in this place again? Am I destined to give up on socks completely and only wear flip flops and Birkenstocks for the rest of my life? I live in a rainy city, can I really commit to that?  Do I accept my fate as being one of those odd sock people?

I feel pretty deep in this sock mess right now and am wondering how the heck did I got here and how do I get out?

How do most well adjusted people deal with socks? Is there anyone out there who’s been in a similar situation and managed their way through some kind of odd sock rehabilitation?

Again, I know this is inane, but seriously, I’d appreciate suggestions with this non-problem problem.

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