Mama Mantra


I’ve begun to rely on a mantra of sorts to help me with both the trials and triumphs of motherhood: This too shall pass. It’s a phrase I’ve heard many times and in many different stages of my life; four simple words that have taken on a deeper meaning since becoming a mother.

I repeat this mantra when I’m soothing my son in the middle of the night, for the fifth time, after he’s inexplicably become nocturnal again. “This too shall pass,” I say to myself. He will get back to sleeping through the night…eventually.

These four words pop into my head during moments of joy, like when he races to the door to greet me after work and doesn’t want to let go of me. “This too shall pass,” I find myself thinking, as I squeeze him a little tighter. There will be a time when his excitement dwindles and his response changes to a more adult-like, “Hi, Mom.”

I say it under my breath, sitting on the bathroom floor while he tries to convince me that a) he needs me to sit right there in front of him while he’s on the potty and b) he’s not finished, even though it’s been twenty minutes. “This too shall pass,” I hear myself say. He won’t always need or want me for such things  (thank goodness).

“This too shall pass,” I think sweetly, as I fold his little shirts, empty his pockets of stones and treasures, and come across various half-eaten snacks he’s disposed of in the most surprising of places. I will only get to be the mother of this child at this particular stage once and these special and exhausting moments are going to pass all too quickly.

I try to remember when things are tough and when things are tender that this too shall pass and to savour and survive accordingly.

What about you? Do you have a life mantra or mama mantra that helps keep you calm and grateful?


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