22 Weeks


I can’t believe it, but I’m already past the halfway mark of this pregnancy. I have felt very similar to how I felt while pregnant with Frankie, so I’m still convinced I’m having a boy. Not sure yet if I’ll find out…

I began showing so much earlier this time around, which has meant that my head has had to catch up with my body. Sometimes I still can’t even believe baby number two is on its way. I was trying to be organized and take some weekly bumpies using the Babycentre App (which I love), but somehow Frankie deleted the app off my phone. Sibling rivalry already?!

Here a few thoughts on how things have been going so far…


The only thing I have craved so far is ginger beer (I had no cravings last time, come to think of it). There’s been nothing I must have, except ginger beer. I need to try this one. It sounds incredible.


I’m feeling pretty calm, which is fantastic. I have, however, been thinking about how I’m going to pay attention to two little rascals without feeling like I’m not paying enough attention to either one of them. I’ve been observing and listening to my friends who already have more than one child, and have been squirreling away little tips in my mind that will hopefully help me deal with this.


I have felt the baby move lots and it’s been neat because I’ve known exactly what those little flutters are right away. I remember not being sure when I first felt Frankie, and this time I’ve had confidence in what I’m feeling. Seeing the baby on the ultrasound a few weeks ago was surreal. The baby was moving a lot which made it hard for them to get a picture of the heart. This meant we had a few extra minutes to gaze at our little munchkin. It still blows my mind that those images are even possible.


I’m wearing anything that fits and I’m wearing it over and over again. I bought the dress pictured at a Nicole Bridger sample sale a while ago and it’s by far the nicest thing I have to wear right now. I love it because it’s so comfortable and I can continue to wear it after baby too.


Hmmm. Haven’t really started on that. Last time we gathered so much stuff that we ended up not really needing. After Frankie, we realized that babies need very little: milk, diapers, cloths, changes of clothes, and, you know, constant, undivided attention. That’s all!

I’m looking forward to the second half of this pregnancy and know it’s going to fly by. It’s an exciting, suspenseful, joyful time.


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