Art That Makes Me Happy

We’ve been living in our house for almost three years and most of our walls are still bare. I often daydream about what to put up around the house.Wallpaper! A mural! Chalkboard paint! In general, procrastination, fear of commitment, and a general sense of indecisiveness tend to be the key factors that keep me from getting stuff done. So, for this process, I thought I’d start with baby steps and simply corral some art that makes me happy. Here are some pretty pieces that I seem to be gravitating towards…today anyways.

The Sea


Beach by Ingrid Beddoes


Ocean by Studio VII


Manly Beach Sunbathers by Gray Malin



Swiss Cheese Leaves by Elena O’Neill


Beverly II by The Aestate


Tropical Jungle on White by Tangerine-Tane

Indigo Blues.


Abstract by Ayelet


Indigo Elena by Elizabeth Lever


Shades of Blue by Kenji Hoshi

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