3 Peaceful Spots in Vancouver


Sometimes life can feel very hectic, especially when living in a more urban setting. That’s why I often find myself drawn to more peaceful spots around the city. I always like to have a mindful moment or two in a day, whether alone or with my son. I thought I’d share a few great spots that I always find bring me a sense of calm…

Le Marche St George is one of my happy places. It can be very busy though, so often I walk up the hill beside it and sit on the old church bench that leans against the cafe property’s fence. If you peak through the slats, you can sometimes see a chicken or two kept by the owners. A chicken sighting is one of Frankie and I’s favourite things.


I often forget that Queen Elizabeth Park exists because it’s tucked away on its very own hilltop. Even though it’s bordered by busy streets and is beside the hustle and bustle of Hillcrest Community Centre, I always find it to be an oasis of calm. You can take in the most beautiful sunset views of the city, and, when I have Frankie with me, I sit by the fountains and let him run around and be mesmerized by the water show, while I take in a moment’s peace.




Although a bit of a distance, I find myself making my way to Riverfront Park a fair bit, especially on overcast days. It has an easy walking path along the river with lots of benches and piers to enjoy and have a few quiet moments. It’s also a very kid friendly area and works as a great place to find calm in the storm of raising little ones.



Where are your peaceful spots?

One thought on “3 Peaceful Spots in Vancouver

  1. emandwillowtakecanada

    I love this! And I hope that when we move to Vancouver I can make these my peaceful spots too xx



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