Mother’s Day Ideas

Celebrating my mom on Mother’s Day has always been so special to me, and it’s even more so now that I am a mom myself. In honour of this wonderful day, I thought I’d share some easy last minute ideas. Perhaps even as a nudge, nudge, wink, wink to my hubbie should he be planning anything for me.

Greeting card with flowers. Pastel colors. Handmade. Watercolor

As I wrote here for Father’s Day, I’m a big fan of planning three components to days like these. I think it’s nice to give that special someone time for themselves, time with family, and a gesture or keepsake.



Every year I make a homemade card for my mom. I pour my heart out while I’m writing it and often end up in tears as I reflect on how important she is to me. I can’t think of anything more meaningful to give a mom on her special day.

For wee ones, art involving their adorable handprints or footprints is sure to melt the heart and become a treasured belonging.

A special photo with mom from the past year is another nice keepsake and something that can be looked back on each year.



As we grow older, we sometimes feel it necessary to show our love with a gift of appreciation. Each year, every mom in my life – my own mother, my mother-in-law, and my adopted grandma say they don’t want a thing, and I know they are telling the truth. But, I find it hard not to give them a special little something, so here are a few gift ideas:



Terrarium, Ring, Tumblers, Slow Coffee Brewer, Floral Mists.

Experience Gifts:

Workshops are a great alternative to a store-bought gift.

Material dyed batik. Shibori

Sophena Kwon offers Indigo dying workshops through Maiwa School of Textiles.

The fabulous Nineteen Ten shop is offering a weaving workshop in June.

Time for Self:

For most moms, finding time to oneself is no easy feat. Sometimes a little encouragement or push in that direction is needed.

  • Try setting mom up with a relaxing bubble bath and finding a new book she may enjoy (I still really want to read Brooklyn). This is a great way to force her to take it easy.
  • If pampering is more her style, and more in the budget, give mom the house and a visit from a mobile spa like this one.
  • There’s always the classic, bring mom breakfast in bed. Add in a stack of her favourite magazines (grab a bunch from the library) and just let her have extra time to lie in.

Time with Family:

No matter what, my mom has always said that all she really wanted on Mother’s Day was to spend time with me. Now that I’m a mom I realize she wasn’t just saying that.

  • Taking a nature walk together as a family is something that can’t really be beat. Add in a stop to get a special treat and it becomes a day out. My favourite local walk/treat combinations include: Quarry Rock (can be difficult depending on the age of kiddos) with a stop at Honey Donuts and Lynn Valley Headwaters with a stop at the End of the Line General Store.
  •  If something fancy is more her thing her thing then plan a High Tea (I love the one offered at Faubourg in Kerrisdale) or tea and treats somewhere kid friendly like, The Last Crumb, Sweet Salt, or Le Marche St George.
  • A visit to the Vancouver Art Gallery is another way to spend some quality time with mom. For those with little ones under 12, the gallery offers a free family program on Sundays.


Wishing all the wonderful mothers out there a very Happy Mother’s Day! Thank you for all that you do for our world.



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