Frankie’s 2nd Birthday Party


Today we had a party for Frankie’s second birthday. We had such a wonderful and adventure filled day with all of his favourite people. Here are few photos from the day…


We had the party at Maplewood Farm and the animals were all the entertainment the kids and parents needed.


I made some goofy barnyard animal cupcakes. Preparing them with some girlfriends the night before was lots of fun. Thank you Pinterest.


Frankie was in his element at the farm. He does come from a long line of Irish farming stock.


Much of Frankie’s time was spent exploring with his older and wiser cousin. She turned two four months ago, so she knows how things go.


One of the most special parts of the day was seeing Frankie spend time with so many different uncles, aunts, cousins, and friends.


The animals were so gentle and calm. Nature and children’s curiosity are the best combination.



So many family photo-ops, so little time.


Happy birthday my love. What a wonderful adventure these two years have been. Hoping all your wishes and dreams come true, this year and your whole life through.

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