3 Dessert Trends I Want to Make

It took me a while to get into Instagram, but now that I’m on board I really love it. It’s simple to use and a great tool for when I need an occasional zone-out. Currently, one of my favourite Instagram pastimes is scrolling through delicious food pics. Usually I look under the tag #foodporn (important note: do not browse this while hungry). Here are few delectable food trends that I’d like to try making, or, more importantly, that I’d like to try eating:

1)The Donut Milkshake

decadent milkshake with donut

I feel confident I can make this so long as I buy the donut (likely from my favourite: Cartem’s Donuterie). The donut milkshake looks over the top, but in its defense, it is two desserts in one. In theory,  I could share one of these with my hubby after a small dinner. In reality, I will probably enjoy an entire one to myself after a regular sized dinner. I’m thinking of trying out this recipe.

2) Cookie Ice Cream Sandwiches

Chocolate Chip Mint Ice Cream Cookie Sandwiches

These seem a little more difficult to make because there’s actual baking involved. However, if there’s a recipe I think I’ve mastered, it’s the classic chocolate chip cookie. Making these would just involve the additional glorious step of adding ice cream. I like the guidance offered here for perfecting these.

3) A Naked Cake

Home made Earl Grey naked cake with berries

Both my sister and good friend are planning weddings right now, so I’ve been paying attention to wedding cake trends. I’ve noticed that the “naked” wedding cake has become one of the most popular styles. I like the idea of making naked cakes because the icing process seems more forgiving than the traditional way of icing a cake. Usually, I mess up icing by spreading crumbs everywhere while trying to cover up bits of cake peeking through. A more rustic icing style would work way better for me. This recipe sounds incredible.

What about you? What food trends have you been drooling over?


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