Gifts for New Moms


My first day with my new little one….how little I knew of what was to come.

There’s been a baby boom happening among my friends and it’s had me thinking about what a new mom really needs when she first brings her bundle of joy (and work!) home with them.

When I reflect on first bringing Frankie home, I remember that the most useful things I received from friends came in the way of tangible support. For example, one evening two of my friends came over and made my favourite meal (fajitas) for Joe and I. They hung out, took turns holding the baby, and just sat with me non-judgmentally as I breastfed with greasy hair and stained clothes. Having them there and having a delicious meal was exactly what I needed.

One of my friends was overjoyed when her mom paid for a cleaning service to come to her house once a week for the first two months after having her baby. I thought this was such a thoughtful gift. It makes a great alternative to a store-bought gift and is something a bunch of friends could chip in towards.

When a second or third baby is brought home, there is a new sibling(s) who has to deal with some major changes. From what I’ve been told, offering to take out a new older brother or sister for an afternoon is also an incredible gift to give. It allows for parents to have a little break and for them to feel that their children are getting the attention they need.

Coordinating with a new mum’s partner to plan a girls’ afternoon or evening out is also a thoughtful gesture. As a new mom, it is nice to look forward to an event and a well deserved break. Without a little push, it can be difficult for a new mummy to make it out the door and away from her responsibilities, even for a few hours.

But, no matter what, whenever I’m in doubt, my fall-back gift for new mums is always food, food, food.

Rallying friends to take turns making and delivering meals for new parents is such a simple, homespun way of supporting one another. Here are a few great sites that make this even easier:





What are your best suggestions for what new mums need?


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