Mix-Tape of Weekend Reads


Here’s hoping the sunshine lasts for the weekend. I’m celebrating my friend and sister’s birthday tonight and can’t wait to have a night on the town with the girls. Since entering my second trimester I’ve been feeling way more energetic, which means I should make it to the dance floor tonight. I’m hoping to have enough energy for a hike in the woods this weekend too. Here are a few weekend reads and ideas….

The debate is on. Manspreading: sexy or no?

I’m swooning with everyone else over Trudeau because of random things like this and this.

I can’t get enough of this show. Go Canada, Go!

I think kidcasts are a great alternative to TV, especially for car rides.

Can’t wait to be able to make and drink these.

Such a beautiful shirt.

Yum. These look easy to make and delicious.

Happy almost birthday Beverly Cleary. Ramona Forever!





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