Thrift Store Easter Basket


Easter is a holiday that always seems to sneak up on me. It arrives at a point in the year when the rains are starting to let up and when everything is coming back to life. It often marks a revival of sorts for me. It pulls me out of my winter sluggishness with a good dose of family time and chocolate.

As embarrassing as it is to admit, my sisters and I still ask our parents to put on an egg hunt when we go to their house for Easter. Sometimes, this is an indoor egg hunt if we are feeling particularly adult-like or lazy. It’s not just the enticement of the chocolate that drives me during these hunts, it’s the thrill of finding something I’ve been scouring high and low for. This year I made Frankie his first Easter basket and I got to enjoy an extra thrill while hunting for things because I only used items I found at the the thrift store (excluding the flowers). It was an Easter hunt of a different kind and it resulted in a low cost, green-ish, and healthy Easter treat.


Of course, considering this year is my first year with a child who may partially understand the concept of an egg hunt (i.e. me telling him to put some treats I hid and found for him into a basket), I’ll be having some kind of Easter egg hunt for him too. I’ll likely be keeping quite a few of the treats he “finds”. Parenthood definitely has its perks…

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