Here We Go Again!


It feels very surreal writing this: we are expecting another baby!

It’s an exciting, scary, and wonderful time.

Many things feel similar this time around. I’m over the moon like I was when I was expecting Frankie and floored again by how quickly weeks of pregnancy fly by.

I’ve noticed a few differences this time around too. Even though I feel just as elated as when I was expecting Frankie, I feel guilty admitting that I’ve occasionally found myself forgetting that I’m pregnant. Of course, these memory lapses are followed by incredible rushes of giddiness when I remember there’s another baby on the way. I think these lapses have been happening because my pregnancy symptoms have not been very severe (thanks little one) and because this time around I have a toddler who’s affording me far less time to freak out than I afforded myself when I was childless.

A big part of me feels a greater sense of calm and confidence this time around. I attribute these zen-like feelings to the fact that I have entered into and survived motherhood for a few years now. With experience has come the relaxing gift of knowledge… plus the full and complete resignation needed for the magical journey of parenthood.

I can’t wait to meet my new little one and to make Frankie a big brother.


Soon there will be four sharing one pillow. Is it obvious I’m the only one pretending to be asleep?

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