Family Outing: Granville Island


One of my favourite things about having Frankie is that Joe and I get to see the world through his very young and wondrous eyes. In particular, he helps us enjoy places we’ve been to a million times in different ways. This past rainy weekend we visited Granville Island as a family and enjoyed some new aspects of the island under the bridge.


I’ve always loved all that Granville Island has to offer: fresh and unique foods, works of art, unique stores, buskers, and views. Going as a family gave us the chance to enjoy all these things and then some. After picking up delicious donuts from Lee’s, and some groceries, we visited the Kids Market. Frankie loved looking at the plethora of stuffed animals and puppets in the shops, sitting in all the mechanical cars, and riding the indoor slide.

We came dangerously close to him getting his first haircut when we noticed the Hairloft on the top level of the market, but we chickened out and decided we weren’t ready to get rid of any of his beautiful locks just yet.



After looking through the Kids Market we wandered out to the pond and watched the ducks and geese, something I never remember thinking to do before having him. Then we stared in amazement at the many trucks at the cement depot, before searching for puddles. Again things I don’t ever recall doing before his arrival.


On rainy days, I can sometimes find it  difficult to get motivated to go out and do things with a little one. Granville Island turned out to be a great option for such a day, especially since it offers so much to parents and kids alike.


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