Valentine’s Day


If there’s a holiday that makes sense to have a love-hate relationship with, it’s Valentine’s Day. I completely understand taking issue with the pressures and consumerist nature the day has taken on.

Having said that, I’ve never been one to take this holiday too seriously either way. When single, I tended to use it as a reason to gorge on cinnamon hearts and romantic comedies with other single friends. When in previous relationships, I used the holiday as a time to get carried away with home-made cards (making my own version of this Simpsons classic was pretty fun). Now, with a forever sweetheart and family, I see this holiday as one to remind myself to be appreciative of the biggest loves in my life.

Last year, Joe, Frankie, and I all spent the day together¬† visiting the Aquarium (and getting our first ever annual pass) and then walking around Stanley Park. It was my first Family Valentine’s Day and I enjoyed every minute.

This year, I think I’m going to try and make heart-shaped pancakes¬†(something I’ve wanted to do forever) using this Macgyver technique. I think we will also take another trip to the aquarium. To top the day off, we’re hoping to make it to our friend’s bakery The Last Crumb to try her offering for the Hot Chocolate Festival. Mmm.


My little Valentine, last year.


A Valentine’s Day family portrait. I think I want to make it a tradition.

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