Library Love


Sage Living by Anne Sage

I recently remembered how much I love the library and getting out books and now I’m finding myself placing online holds on various books all the time. Geeky, but true, sometimes one of the most exciting things to happen in my day is receiving an email notification telling me that a book I’ve been waiting for is ready for pick-up. My son and I  pick up the books together, giving him the chance to look through new books and puzzles in the children’s section. Our visits are something that keep us both busy and happy.

My rediscovery of the library has led to my new discovery of audio books and the fact that they totally rock (particularly as a new mom). My most recent listens have been The Feminine Mystique by Betty Frieden (I finally crossed this off my “To-Read List”) and Lena Dunham’s Not That Kind of Girl (hilarious). For some reason, audiobooks feel like a treat. I listen to them in the car or when I’m home doing random tasks. Listening to them feels like I’m doing something for myself that is completely guilt-free (it costs nothing, is educational, and doesn’t involve Cheetos).

I’ve also really been enjoying kicking back and reading design books. Pictured are three of my recent faves.

FullSizeRender copy

Habitat by Lauren Liess


Gypsy by Sibella Court

What are some of your favourite, free pastimes?



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