My 3 Resolutions


Every year I try to quietly make at least one resolution to myself. Oftentimes my resolve to achieve this resolution fades quickly when I realize I’ve set the bar too high (e.g. I vow to give up chips, I vow to shower every day). This year, I’ve decided to try 3 breezier resolutions that are a bit more general and (hopefully) achievable.

1. Enjoy nature more.

Pretty much, I just want to stop and smell the roses more.


2. Read more.

This year, I hosted my first ever “Bookie Exchange”. Basically, I asked friends to bring over some of their used books and books they’d been meaning to get to, but haven’t yet. We chatted and recommended the books we brought to one other. We ended up having a great selection of books and it prompted tons of reading (for me, anyways) over the holidays. I want to keep my reading momentum going.


3. Go easier on myself more.

With some things, I’m really not hard on myself at all. I think this a good thing. With other things, I have a tendency to really tear myself down. One such (strange) example, is my consistent disappointment in myself for not doing the Polar Bear Swim. Every year, I have the intention of doing it, and every year I decide it looks too darn cold. I keep trying to actually want to do it, but the truth is, I really don’t want to. Seriously, why have I beat myself up over such a thing, January 1st after January 1st? This year, I resolved not to feel like an unadventurous chicken for not completing the swim and instead went down to the beach, dipped my toes in the water for a few seconds, and felt good for doing things my own way. This year (and forevermore) I want to go easier on myself, particularly when it comes to things of the ridiculous variety.

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