Taking The Leap: Trying Out a New Trend


When I was about ten years old one of my favourite pieces of clothing was a pair of checkered stirrup pants. I wore them happily and often.

One morning when I went to put my beloved pants on, I was devastated to discover I had made a terrible mistake. I’d left my pants right next to our hamster’s cage and dear old Hammy had nibbled away at them to prepare himself some decorative bedding. My pants were left with several noticeable holes, and, as I saw it at the time, rendered unwearable. It was the type of event that makes you monumentally sad as a child and makes you giggle to think about as an adult. Actually, I’ve been giggling a lot about this recently because I keep being reminded of it. Every time I go out, I see more and more women who have been leaving their favourite pants next to the hamster’s cage and, unlike me as a child, are wearing them with pride.

In all seriousness, I’m actually embracing this “hole-y” pants trend for 3 semi-conflicting reasons:

  1. Nostalgia/Wishing I had been confident enough to continue to wear those darn stirrup pants holes and all.
  2. I was just given two hand-me-down pairs from my sister-in-law.
  3. Torn pants have started to look cool and casual to me, even though my brain says it’s ridiculous to purposely tear up clothing (a lot of the jeans I’m seeing came from the store that way). Reason #3 means that, sadly, I must be falling prey to the fashion bandwagon effect.

How about you? What fashion trends have you found yourself following even though they don’t make a “hole” lot of sense?

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