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This summer I made my first ever bucket list and it turned out to be surprisingly worthwhile. I looked at it on days I felt unmotivated or couldn’t think of things to do. There really is something satisfying about crossing things of a list (mental, grocery, wish, or otherwise).

Fall has now officially arrived and with it the gratifying pastimes of crunching leaves, overusing the word gourd, and sharing autumnal bucket lists……

  • Hike on a crisp day, hike on a rainy day
  • Make an autumn inspired hot chocolate like this one
  • Start a book club, an articles club, documentary club, or at the very least narrow down which kind of club I want to start and begin to recruit some members
  • Make an earthquake kit for myself, my parents, and other family members (FYI: The great BC Shake-Out is today)
  • Take a family portrait at Sears (department store family classics are the best)
  • Take Frankie to the pool more frequently and use our new bike chariot to get there
  • Try to accomplish three leftovers from my summer bucket list (i.e. make a DIY something-or-other using some of the wood boards from our wedding centerpieces (headboard, maybe?), plant an indoor succulent arrangement, and see a comedy show for a date night)
  • Visit a pumpkin patch (this one does seem like “the thing to do”, but judging from the picture below I think Frankie may have enjoyed it last year)


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