In search of the perfect hobby: An unfinished love story

FullSizeRender (3)

(I’m in so deep with hobbies that I seriously considered buying this.)

I have been an amateur hobby searcher since I can remember. I think my curse (or blessing?) is that I enjoy doing most things, I just don’t feel proficient at doing most things. In all honesty, the only hobby I have consistently come back to (other than writing) is hobby searching.

Am I the only one with this affliction?

Instagram and pinterest have only heightened my pursuit of hobbies. Scrolling for hours on end through photos of things produced by amazing hobbyists? Yes please!

Off the top of my head I can think of a ridiculous number and range of hobbies that I’ve tried so far….

  • jewelry-making
  • knitting
  • kite-making
  • violin (tried this as a child and as an adult, never stuck)
  • collaging
  • jean-pocket purse making (don’t ask)
  • pies (not baking per se, just making pie after pie)
  • photo developing (using an enlarger that was most definitely an impulse buy)
  • scrapbooking

The list really does go on.


(My sister modelling a necklace I made during a jewelry phase. She was also the lucky recipient of a jean-pocket purse when that phase was happening)

I guess I’m looking for that one special hobby (other than writing….and hobby searching) that truly sparks my ongoing dedication and love. Will I ever find it? My hobby soul-mate. I’m not so sure, but new hobby suggestions are always welcome.

In the meantime,  I’ll be trying my hand at some indoor gardening. Add it to the list.

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