Relationship Routines


I was chatting to a friend about relationship stuff the other day and she started telling me about some of the routines she and her partner follow to keep their relationship on track. Many of the “routines” were not new to me. Things like, having each partner be in charge of specific household chores (so no one feels resentful) and having a specific day of the week reserved for dates (so there is ample quality time together). One of the routines my friend told me about took me by surprise…

Every evening, at 7:30 p.m., she and her partner have a ten-minute, no expectation, naked hug. And, as my friend says, if one thing leads to another, great, and, if not, it’s a ten-minute hug, so what’s terrible about thatt? Full disclosure, my friend does not have kids yet. For people with kids I’m thinking the timing (and possibly frequency) of this routine may need to be tweaked just a tad.

 What are your thoughts? Is this a relationship routine you would try?

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