Mix-tape of Weekend Reads


We are headed to the folk festival tonight for an early anniversary celebration. Can’t believe we get to hear the amazing Frazey Ford tonight. Here’s my first ever mix-tape (of links) for some weekend reads and look-sees.

My friend keeps telling me to watch UNReal and after reading this article I am definitely intrigued (looks like it might dissuade me from being a Bachelor/Bachelorette fan though).

I could wear these pajama bottoms from night, to day, then back to night again, no?

A drink that sounds delicious to sip on in the evening.

Such a great swimsuit that I would love to have the guts to wear. I’m working on it.

Sad I’m missing this week’s incredible sounding gathering, but hope to make it to one in the future.

Podcasts of interest.

It seems my recurring daydream of becoming an eccentric artist in New York may be relocating to Los Angeles.

I would love to rent a van from these people and take an epic roadtrip. (It still breaks my heart that Joey owned a Westy and sold it just before we met. I never would have let him say goodbye to it).

Happy Weekend.

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