Summer Bucket List


It just dawned on me, three weeks into summer, that a bucket list would be a good way for me to keep one summery day from blending into the next (as it already seems to be doing). Having said that, I’m reminded that part of what was so great about summers as a kid, was the fact that each day melted into the other and felt like a series of bike quests to buy five-cent candies.

I hope I can find a nice balance this year of making the most of each day without completely letting go of my unconcerned kid spirit.

And so, my list of solo quests, couple quests, family quests, and friend quests goes as follows:

* See Magic Mike with girlfriends

* Have an outdoor movie night in the backyard (we just scored an old projection screen at a garage sale!)

* Ride the Galloping Goose Trail with baby in tow

* Camp as a family unit for the first time (maybe start slow with a place like here)

* Swim in the ocean

* Make a DIY something-or-other using some of the wood boards from our wedding centerpieces (headboard, maybe?)

* Plant an indoor succulent arrangement

* Ride my bike down to Jericho Beach and listen to the Folk Festival from beyond the gates

* See a comedy show for a date night

* Go to a baseball game (just bought a groupon for the Vancouver Canadians!)


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