Classic movie scenes and baby predictors

You know one of those scenes from movies that makes you laugh out loud when you think about it? A classic one for me is in the movie How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days. I instantly laugh when I think about this scene. Kate Hudson’s character is purposely trying to freak out Matthew McConaughey’s character by showing him their “children” in a futuristic family album (she makes it using photoshop composites of their faces). For some reason, that scene pops into my head once in a while and makes me giggle, especially the part when McConaughey’s character hesitantly says, “our kids are really…..attractive”. When J and I decided we wanted to try and have a child I decided to freak us both out, and make a picture of our “baby” for our futuristic family album. Looking back at the picture now, I can actually see some similarities between what our baby actually looks like and the composite (one major difference: our little one has kept his blue eyes). If you use one of the many websites that do this you can also see what your baby would like with, say, Brad Pitt. What about you? What scenes make you just lose it to think about?


(Our baby as determined by composites/technology)


(Our baby as determined by actual genetics)

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