Who are your oldest friends?


​I recently went to visit my oldest friend, Shirley. Shirley is 84 and my friend, and, therefore, my oldest friend. She and I have been friends since I rented a room from her when I was 17 and she was 71. I lived in Shirley’s house for a year just after her husband passed away. From the moment Shirley and I met we knew we would be lifelong friends. We have always been amazed by how much we connect despite our age gap. Whenever I visit Shirley she teaches me something, shows me a new way of looking at things, or boosts my spirits in a lasting way.

Recently, I told her I was feeling worried about a situation I was going to have to deal with. She told me that she knew I was a strong person, and, when the time came, that I would be able to handle it. It can be easy for me to brush off kind words when I’m not feeling the best. Yet, because it was Shirley saying them, I was able to let the words stick. It’s easy for me to listen to her, not just because she knows me well, but because she knows the world well.

What about you? Who are your oldest friends?

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