What’s in a name?


Naming my son was a surprisingly overwhelming process. It was fraught with a degree of complication that I didn’t anticipate. On my husband’s side there was a longstanding tradition for naming firstborn sons, meanwhile, over in my brain, I had the belief (since age 12) that if I ever had a son his name would be Charles. It was even a “given” among my childhood friends that I had dibs on the name. Giving my son his first name was not easy, and it nearly made me overlook the hot-button issue of choosing his last name. Talk about some longstanding “tradition”. Should it be my husband’s? Mine? Hyphenated? A conglomeration of both?

Initials were also heavily considered because I know all too well what failing to considering such things can lead to (mine are S.T.D).

Eventually, we decided on honouring my husband’s family tradition for our son’s first name, honouring my 12 year old self for his middle name, and honouring both of us for his last name.

How about you? What’s your naming story? Was it quick and easy? Or long and complicated?

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